DC Motors | Platform MS15

Welcome to MTI Torque Systems who has recently acquired Dynetic

We will be able to fulfill all of your Dynetic product needs


Torque Systems specializes in the design of high performance brush servo motors that provide efficiency, flexibility of application, and a long and trouble-free service life. Our TORQUEMASTER® MS15 series is no exception when integrated with high performance brush amplifiers, TORQUE-MASTER MS15 Series brush servo motors provide effective and highly efficient motion control solutions for a wide range of applications including factory automation, packaging, robotics, machine tools, medical instrumentation and more.


  • Delivers smooth and superior low speed performance, and maximum power ratings with low thermal resistance for high speed performance.
  • Maximum torque in a smaller 1.5" O.D.package
  • Rugged industrial construction
  • Continuous torque ratings up to 10 oz.-in with a Max speed at 10000 RPM.
  • Power up to 50 Watts (Peak)
  • Peak torque ratings up to 77.8 oz.-in.
  • High torque-to-inertia ratio delivers maximum torque per frame size
  • Custom options available


  • Dual Stage Dynamic Balancing
  • Diamond Finished Commutators
  • ABEC 3 Double Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Low Torque Ripple
  • Stainless Steel Shafts
  • 100% Inspection and Testing
  • Tapered-Field Magnet Technology
  • Replaceable Copper Graphite Brushes
  • Fully Neutralized, Bidirectional Operation

Platform Performance Data (Excel)