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Stainless Steel Brushless Servo Motor

The MDM Stainless Steel Servo Motor product line, like our recently introduced H-Series Servo Motor, is based upon our industry leading MDM technology, which provides energy-efficient servo motors in popular industry-standard frame size configurations. Torque Systems stainless brushless servo motors are ideal for use in the food, beverage and dairy industries as well as in pharmaceutical products development and personal care manufacturing applications.

These products were developed after consultation with key customers and engineers to ensure that they met the demanding specifications of the professionals who would use them. The result of those partnerships was the MDM product line, and Torque Systems is proud to offer it to customers across industrial, commercial and institutional contexts. Torque Systems offers a variety of servo motor solutions in addition to the MDM series:


  • Factory sealed cabling to simplify installation.
  • Full IP 67 Compliance with shaft seals.
  • Complete conformance to UL/cUL and CE Standards across the entire product line.
  • Thermostats on motor windings is standard for all configurations.
  • Customized mounting and shaft options are available.
  • Optional encoder line counts up to 5,000 ppr available for all configurations.
  • Optional resolver feedback available for all frame sizes.


  • Minimizing installation and setup time.
  • Maintains internal integrity and corrosion resistance in washdown environments.
  • Required industry defined standards conformance.
  • Protection circuitry meets industry requirements.
  • Enables more flexible design options, and retrofit support.
  • Performance enhancement and feature convenience that allows Torque Systems motors to be incorporated into a broader range of applications.
  • Flexible feedback configurations provide choices for demanding applications.