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Pleasant Prairie, WI

The Pleasant Prairie site was born from a $14 billion company that leads high-performance aerospace/defense products spanning the globe.  Pleasant Prairie's DNA is found in the biggest leaps of technology and discovery mankind has ever achieved, including the International Space Station.

Although its accomplishments have reached the stars, Pleasant Prairie still maintains the nimbleness and innovation from its early days. This is evidenced in the company's massive product capabilities, ranging to 250kw, 12,000 RPM, and 2.5-465 in/lbs torque to a weight of .3-388 kg, allowing Pleasant Prairie to solve niche and difficult applications in hybrid electric transportation, industrial atmospheric regulation, combat/air/rotorcraft vehicles, and other niche applications that most companies won't touch.  The site specializes in building gearing, transmissions, complex enclosures, and highly customized assemblies, which can incorporate ancillary components from customer systems. This site's finely tuned manufacturing processes are why customers such as BPhillips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Proctor & Gamble, LAM Research rely on Pleasant Prairie to innovate the means to reach the future.

AS900D and ISO 9001 2015

Boston, MA

From the birthplace of America in Boston, Massachusetts, the Billerica site of the Torque Systems Group has advanced DC brushed and brushless motor technology over the course of five decades. Its legacy has been built by solving the most challenging industrial and military challenges, ranging from downhole pumps/mud pulsing, to surgical tools, CNC machines, and antennae positioning.

Today, the Billerica site is an essential partner to global technology leaders thanks to its long history of drawing on the world's best ideas in motor technology to create comprehensive system solutions in a wide spectrum of industries. Torque systems utilizes high power designs, materials and processes to achieve 35% more torque than the competition for their brushed and brushless solutions to satisfy extreme ambient temperature ratings, harsh shock and vibration requirements, food grade demands, and speeds to 20,000 RPM. Torque Systems integrates higher level assemblies including drives, encoders, controllers, gearheads, brakes, ball-screws for numerous rotary or linear needs. Billerica can find the right technology for the job while still offering 8 week white paper prototyping. Its customer list includes Phillips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Proctor & Gamble, LAM Research to name a few – attesting to our industry leadership in innovation and quality.

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